Virtual Learning Art

Tips for Virtual/Remote Students to be Successful

(If you are a 5 Day In-Person Student and we go to Remote Learning, this will apply to you)

Pretend you are in school so your day should start around 8:15.

Log in every morning around 8:30 and check the following:

1. Office 365 (Outlook email): Do you have emails from teachers?

2. Schoology message(the envelope beside the bell on your dashboard at the top): Do you have emails from teachers?

3. Teams App: Do you have any messages from teachers?

4. Click on each Course tab (Ex: English), click on the folder for the week (Ex: Nov. 9-14), click on the folder for the day (Ex: Wednesday). View the assignment for the day. Deadlines are always closer than they appear. It never hurts to look at ALL folders for the week.

Designate a time each day for each class. Your daily schedule at home could mirror what your daily schedule would look like if you were in school. Any Teams meetings will be within your scheduled class time. You could use the following schedule.

1st Block: 8:28-9:53

2nd Block: 9:55-11:20

3rd Block: 12:24-1:54

4th Block: 1:56-3:25

Communicate with your teachers, daily if needed. For example, if you are having your wisdom teeth removed and you will not be online or doing work for a day or two, let your teachers know and fax or email a doctor note to the school immediately. This will prevent any unexcused absences. Yes, they do count. Below is an excerpt from the Putnam Distance Educational Progress and Intervention Plan regarding Putnam Distance Attendance: This applies to Virtual students and In Person students when PCS is Remote because the color map is orange or red.

Putnam Distance Attendance: Teachers assigned to virtual instruction will evaluate student progress each Friday to determine if student will be marked absent for the week. Failure to make progress options include one or more of the following:

  • Student did not log into course that week.
  • Student did not participate in any real time lecture or group assignment that week as requested by instructor or did not make prior alternate arrangements.
  • Student did not respond to teacher electronic or telephonic contact that week.
  • Student did not post completed assignments nor notify teacher of connectivity or learning platform issues that week.
  • Student is failing course and no improvement to percentage grade occurred that week

If the teacher determines for any reason the student is not making educational progress, he or she will mark the student absent for each day that week.

If you have any questions to ask administrators or teachers call (304) 937-2661