First day of Fall Sports
First day of Fall Sports

The first day of Fall sports is August 30, 2018. Buffalo High School fall sports include Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, and Golf. All athletes must have the athletic eligibility packet completed and turned in order to practice. The athletic eligibility packet can be opened here. For the 2017-2018 school year, Putnam County Schools has implemented a one week try out period. Students must attend practice within the first week of practice to be eligible. Please remember coaches may make cuts for numerous reasons and have to follow a rigorous process to make the difficult decision.

In order to qualify to participate in fall athletics activities student must have the following: 

- 2.0 GPA in June from Spring semester and/or Summer school
Must live BHS school zone or meet WVSSAC 365 day rule
- Have all forms turned in physical, insurance, Drug testing consent, attendance and concussion.

Students are not allowed to practice if not eligible.

At no other time will eligibility for fall sports be checked
due to the fact that you would look at 6‐week mark leading up to the current nine week grading period and the student was eligible at that 6 week mark (generally first of October), it would not matter because by the time the student got in the 15 practices required to play (generally after October 20), the season would
be over for fall sports

Best of luck to all our athletes and GO BISON!